So, this is happening right now.

communityA true demonstration of community!  A couple of weekends ago Jordan was tackling our massive woodpile and hurt his back quite badly.  He’s slowly recovering but is not up to snuff.  Last weekend he was going to try to get more done and I wouldn’t let him because his back was still quite bad.  Unbeknownst to us, a friend was organizing a work party for this morning to help Jordan get this massive job done.  So, at 8:30 this morning Ken, Grandpa Dave, Uncle Jason, Kyle and Phil showed up with splitters and chainsaws and selflessness to cut, split, haul and stack the wood that will keep us warm this (and probably all next) winter.

It’s a hard thing to accept help like this, but I find that being able to accept help graciously is as much part of being community as reaching out to help.

photo 1Here is Lilia having her breakfast, learning what community is all about.  Thanks, guys, for helping show my daughter that we live in a world where this still happens.


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