And While I’m At It…

…I may as well keep going.  I am not sleeping anyway!

Today LE needed a morning bath (if you’ve ever parented a potty training toddler you know why) so while I was getting ready for work she was playing in the tub.  In the midst of her typical bath banter about Bob in his boat, etc.  I hear “Mama, i’m going to beat you!”  Now let’s be clear, we’re not talking “beat” as in hit or strike but rather to win or triumph over.

So I think to myself where in the world does a two-year old get a hold of such a not-so-awesome-proclamation-of-competition?  It’s certainly not something we have ever had any sort of conversation about…and granted she has watched a few sporting events with her Papa, but he is not generally vocal about winners vs. losers.  Hmmm…

Oh hello Washington DC.  Let’s see…you are shutting down the government because people refuse to be “losers” of elected positions or majority status and you don’t want to back down lest you appear to be weak or to have  someone else “win”.  So it becomes more about making a point and winning at any cost than doing what is right or best.

Now I am the last person to get in political debates and it’s not really my point.  My child at two should not be worried about winning or losing and to be sure she didn’t really know the meaning behind what she was saying.  But she has the vocabulary so how far behind can the sentiment be?  Competition itself isn’t the problem, I believe it has a place and can be an excellent tool for growing and learning.  I hope that LE will enjoy healthy competition in various outlets throughout her life, but I hope more that she learns that winning isn’t everything and that losing isn’t a bad word.

Dear World, any help you can be with this I would totally appreciate.


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