Post #62

I am the first to admit that I am prone to watching more crime dramas than is probably normal, so sometimes I wonder if it shades how I see the world.  Nope, actually I don’t wonder that…I know that it does.  This summer LE and I were driving to see GrandmaLinda and we stopped at a Thruway rest stop to have our lunch.  As we were eating a guy who I guessed might be a truck driver  sat at the table right next to us.  LE immediately smiled and said “Hi!” and I think she liked the fact that he had a beard like her Papa.  I followed suit and smiled a greeting because I really do value common courtesy and kindness, but the longer we sat there the more I started to wonder if I should be teaching my child NOT to do that?  She kept smiling at him and giggling and he honestly never did anything freakish, but it left me wondering what the more important lesson is…being a kind citizen or not talking to strangers?

This is why being a parent is hard.  meh.


3 thoughts on “Post #62

  1. Tracey says:

    Children are more likely to be victimized by someone they know! The research actually does not support teaching children “not to talk to strangers.” In fact, it is good to teach children TO talk to strangers in certain circumstances (like if they need help). So carry on with the community-building :-)
    Check out “Free Range Parenting” by Lenore Skenazy. One of my favorite parenting books!

  2. Beck says:

    Well…that and so many other reasons why parenting is hard too ;). The fact you are even having that mental argument means you are a superb mom–and I think the common courtesy and kindness lesson was the right move. (indeed proven by the fact that you were not stalked by aforementioned trucker-turned-ax-murderer… ;)

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